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Here is my newest creation that is intended to participate into the Kawoosh!'s Christmas Challenge.

Vid Title:
All I Want for Christmas
Song Title: All I Want for Christmas is You
Song Artist: Mariah Carey
Pairing/Character: [Sheppard/Weir], [Weir]
Category: Humour
Series: SGA
Length: 4:04 min
Size: 32,21 MB
Format: wmv
=>Link: MegaUpload

I am not completly happy with the way it turned out... I wish I had followed the music a little more, instead of just following the lyrics ... still I had a nice time making it, and I beleive it isn't so bad afterall.

For those wondering, the montage was mainly made by Windows Movie Maker and it was edited and retouched, here and there, by Sony Vegas Movie Studio  8. I am fairly new to Vegas so I probably have made several mistakes along the way and there are things I wanted to do and couldn't because I didn't knew how.

For spoilers, expect to see 2 clips from "4x10 - This Mortal Coil"  but they aren't really spoilish, you'll just wonder where they come from if you haven't seen the episode.

Anyway ... hope you'll enjoy it, at least, a little and I wish you a late merry christmas and an happy new year.

Disclamer: I do not own the clips nor the songs, I did this montage for entertainement purposes only. No profit was made.